Quad Pod Stands



  • Easy 1 person Installation
  • Seat Rotates 360 °
  • Expanded Metal, Non-Slip Platform
  • Legs are Adjustable to Terrain
  • 500 pound weight capacity
  • Generous Platforms
  • Guaranteed 100% Quiet
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easily Strapped to an ATV


The Quad Pod is #1 for hunting brush country bucks as well as in areas with short cover. This quad pod features four stable legs to provide safety and satisfaction you demand.

The quad pod allows you to conceal yourself in natural cover and not stand over it.

The four legged design of the Quad Pod makes this stand more stable than any three-leg tripod. Why? Distributing the weight over an increased footprint creates stability. One of the 4 legs on the Quad Pod has a ladder incorporated into the design that is engineered to come apart into two separate pieces. The other three legs are also adjustable for uneven terrain. The legs telescope inside each other to shorten the overall height and create fewer parts for easy transportation. The legs, ladder, and seat all disassemble, making transportation of the stand even more user friendly.

There are no tools required in the assembly or disassembly. Since the design requires no use of cross braces, one person can easily erect the stand. A weight capacity of 500 pounds, is far more than any tripod on the market – brings this unit to the top of its class!

As with all products, the Quad Pod is guaranteed 100% quiet with a lifetime warranty. It also features the 360 degree rotating seat with optional Bow Holder, Gun Basket or T-Bar Gun Rest.