Wes-Tex 15′ Deluxe Tower


27″ wide Staircase with handrails, & 2′ X 4′ Porch with handrails.

Wes-Tex Steel Towers (blind not included) fit Wes Tex Steel blinds and most other manufacturers blinds.  Even if your blind is larger than 4×6, it will probably still fit our base & tower.  Sturdy construction.  Easy to assemble and carry.  Call for more info.

Our towers are built with 2″ square tubing instead of angle iron, for more strength and less weight.  Bolts are welded in place for fast and simple assembly.  Towers can be added to or reduced in height by changing leg length.  Towers can be bought with optional ladders, staircases or porches on any side of tower.  Staircases are made with handrails for extra safety.  Staircase steps are 4″x24″.


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